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Răspiua (resume play) is a project by AMAIS association.

The project's purpose is to create an inclusive playgroud, that offers play opportunities to children with different dissabilities while creating a space that is fun for all children.

The first prototype playground was showcased in the garden of Muzeul Culturii Rome in Bucharest.

The project is a winner of the Mobilizăm Excelența grant funded by Porche Romania through Fundația Comunitară Bucureşti.

more about 
the event:
Museum of Roma Culture
Drumul Săbăreni 101-125, București
amais association:
coVR4 mons ago
Thank you Claudio, in the name of amais, the project innitiators. As for the title, It souds roughly like "raz-pi-wa".
Claudio Junior4 mons ago
I can't read the title but the idea to build a playground for children is very nice