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The Trinity-Platform is a high-endurance, vertical take-off and long-range solution with a small form factor and the industrial professional user in mind who demands high quality sensor packages.
It is the second UAV produced by Quantum-Systems after the launch of the Quantum Tron in 2016.
With its payload of 500g, the Trinity features high quality RGB and NDVI sensors for perfect results. The Innovative VTOL-system protects the sensors and makes starting and landing effortless. While being in gliding mode, the Trinity only uses the rear rotor to minimize energy consumption.

Its distinguishing features include:

VTOL-fixed wing system
Combining VTOL and fixed wing capabilities into an easy-to-use system gives the user the freedom of choice for his mission requirements. 

Easy and safe handling
A push of a button is enough and the Trinity will do its assigned job. The control unit has a clean layout without confusing switches and levers. This ensures easy handling even in manual controlled situations. 

Longest flight time in its class
Being designed to switch to a glider powered by one rotor enables the Trinity to benefit directly from an enhanced long range capability. The wing geometry is optimized to push the glide ratio to the max of 14!

Superior sensor and data results
The sensor compartment is shock-protected and the SD-cards are easily accessible from the outside. Both of them are powered by the Trinitys battery and an accurate geotagging is achieved by measuring the exact trigger point via power consumption. 
The combination of hard- and software guarantees perfect results with a maximum of accuracy.

“With the Trinity, we aimed for a product that meets the requirements of professionals. Therefore we started from scratch with a highly integrated industrial product in mind, “ says CEO Florian Seibel. “You can see the result in every detail, whether it is the optimized electric layout, the efficient payload compartment or the clean finish of the outer shell; the Trinity showcases the best of German engineering. The fact that we only use one optimized rotor in the tail increases its flight time far beyond current industrial drones.”

Open Source Payload Compartment
“With our first UAV, the Tron, we already integrated several different payloads like LiDAR scanners, multispectral camera rigs, cargo modules and gimbals.” elaborates Seibel. “ We see the need of our customers to find a solution for their specific mission configuration. That is why we release the Payload Compartment of the Trinity-Platform as an Open Source initiative for everyone interested.”

“We are eager to see what our customers come up with regarding new payload configurations.” Once successfully integrated into our soft- and hardware, we will offer these to everyone through our dealer network. 
Haluk Tarcan1 yr ago
music to cover the noise? the noise was the best thing about it :)
xsdmke cmf1 yr ago
The platform is very nice for this,if you want to add subtitles,veer-editor is a good choice.
You need a Veer editor app to adjust the frame and add some music to cover the noise. Super cool flight.
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Have a nice flight ! Super cool