Join us on VeeR VR as we introduce Brother G to the development continuum of our new tune Quantum Soul! In THREE-FLIPPING-SIXTY!

For full-on immersive pleasure please use headphones! Use a VR headset, move your phone around or touch the screen to explore our phunky space workshop

Next time... we are going to try this live. In front of live humans made of real live wriggly muscles and spleens. Worth a watch me lovelies!

Filmed in Raw 360° Grelmo-Vision™ using our Samsung Gear 360 Camera (2017 model) at our weekly writing session at The Cannon, Newport Pagnell, UK

Stitched by Chalky on his shiny Samsung S8

Sound recorded using our Zoom H6

Edited by Jam O'Malley using Adobe Premiere Pro CC (featuring Mettle Denoise Plugin)

forest of fools are:

Chris Parker - Didgeridoo
Jez Gibbons - Percussion
Gareth Warren - Melodeon
Jon Stacy - Drums
Jam O'Malley – Bass Guitar
Brother G - Poetry

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VeeR VR https://veer.tv/vr/forestoffools

360 video and music © forest of fools 2017
@Preseetha Jidesh He loves it, he's in his special place! Thanks for the tip! Will install!
@Sara Sofia Rodriguez Rodriguez That's a didgeridoo, an ancient and magical musical device from Australia. Parkie also plays the sousaphone... didgeridoo-style! Peace!
It is my first time to see that long Musical instrument! And the voice it makes is so weird.
This dude is shaking his head,must be lots of fun.I recommend this tool. https://veer.tv/veer-editor