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Check out Quantum Soul performed for the first time live at our last gig at MK11 - huge thanks to our awesome audience, you are wonderful crazy individuals! It was hot, sweaty, steamy, vapour-y, and the show was intense!

For full-on immersive pleasure please use headphones! Use a VR headset, move your phone around or touch the screen to explore our phunky space workshop

Filmed in Raw 360° Grelmo-Vision™ using our Samsung Gear 360 Camera (2017 model) at our Halloween gig at MK11, Kiln Farm

Stitched using Muvee 360

Sound recorded by Dave Wilkie and his swashbuckling crew of AV pirates - https://www.dw-audio.co.uk/

Edited by Jam O'Malley using Adobe Premiere Pro CC (featuring Mettle Plugins)

forest of fools are:

Chris Parker - Didgeridoo
Jez Gibbons - Percussion
Gareth Warren - Melodeon
Jon Stacy - Drums
Jam O'Malley – Bass Guitar
Brother G - Poetry

Check out our website at http://www.forestoffools.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/forestoffools/
Twitter https://twitter.com/forestoffools
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzXD1nPCvcp7hh_gIqH83Hw
VeeR VR https://veer.tv/vr/forestoffools

360° video and music © forest of fools 2017
nadia zinai10 mons ago
Everyone did good jobs, thanks u guys performance from heart.
forest of fools10 mons ago
@Noraliza Abdullah Thanks Noraliza! Stay tuned for more 360 forest of fools videos. 😀
That was great!
forest of fools10 mons ago
@Beth Phoenix Thanks, we'll let the drummers know!
Beth Phoenix10 mons ago
I like the sound of the drum, which is relaxing and exciting at the same time.
forest of fools10 mons ago
We loved it too Jeremy Saurus! Find out more on forestoffools.com
Jeremy Saurus10 mons ago
Love this show
forest of fools10 mons ago
Thanks very much John Slade!
John Slade10 mons ago
Their performance was wonderful.