Hey sour snobs! Welcome to Pretentious Barrel House, the original all sour brewery of Columbus, Ohio. Since our doors opened in October of 2017, we’ve been making sour beer on purpose.

The space is pretty unique. From the incredible murals created by local artists, to the infinite barrels filled with delicious sour beer, our taproom is the ideal space to retreat to, especially when avoiding traffic. The taproom is available for rent and frequently hosts a plethora of awesome events including Wednesday night trivia, charity auctions, and holiday parties.

In the mid 1700s several Indian tribes traveled through or lived here including the Wyandot, Delaware and Shawnee. Their name for the river from which the park gets its name was Hockhocking or "bottle river." The name comes from the bottle-shaped valley of the Hocking River whose formation is due to its one- time blockage by glacial ice.

Here is the fermentation area where we use yeast and bacteria to turn wort into delicious sour beer.Our beer starts its life in one of our 30BBL (30 B-B-L) fermenters where a majority of the sugars are converted into alcohol. The beer is then transferred to wood barrels of varying types: red wine, white wine, Bourbon, Tequila and more. The beer will sit in these barrels and continue to develop for the next 3 months to a year.
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