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Make sure you watch to the end because 3D CONFETTI CANNONS.
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For my birthday, I threw a party. A Power Hour Drinking Game Concert Party Show Mess Thing. I rented out a warehouse in Hollywood, filled it up with toys and invited all my friends to play a drinking game with me. Well, a few games because people were also playing pong and Jenga and Nerf gun Ali in the face. I performed 60 songs that were all one minute long from my original Power Hour Album. Every time the music changed, everyone drank. Yay! My awesome DJ, Keith Myers, joined me for the bash. We may or may not be missing some songs in the middle. Probably not. You're just drunk. 

Make sure you watch in cardboard or a virtual reality headset because this was shot in 3D! Yeah, I was able to score a GoPro Odyssey camera for this. Hallelujah none of my drunk friends fell on it.

SPECIAL APPEARANCES BY: Stevie Boebi (Sassibob), Ally Hills, Cammie Scott, Steph Frosch (ElloSteph), Sarah Croce, Alli Forsythe, Becca Canote, Moonshine Bonanza, Natalie Duran, Shannon Beveridge (Now This Is Living), Andie Bolt, Megan Tonjes, DJ Keith Myers

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Edited by: Luis Reyes at Butcher Bird Studios

Hey best pal-y! I’m your musician, comedian, internet buddy. I’m dedicated to giving you my outrageous existence life vlogs every Tuesday. And music + comedy + fitness awesomeness every Thursday. Thanks for joining me on my adventures and being a part of this band of outrageous friends I’ve got :)

- Ali

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