Abaco Shelter: http://www.AbacoShelter.com
Royal Potcake Rescue (501c3): http://www.Potcake.org
Music: The Follow http://TheFollow.bandcamp.com

This short film won 2nd place in Samsung's Creators Awards 2016 in the Causes category. In 2015, Mat and Shannon Matlack fell in love with the stray dogs on Turks and Caicos Islands. The strays are lovingly referred to as Potcakes, getting their name after the congealed cake-like substance found at the bottom of a cooked pot of Peas & Rice. This is what the locals feed the dogs. The Matlacks found a Potcake almost dead on the side of the road, helped get him back to health, and then adopted him a few weeks later when he was ready for travel. 

Mat and Shannon returned to The Caribbean in 2016 to make the film, Potcake Rescue. The goal of this movie is to create awareness of these unbelievably lovable dogs so others may choose to help curb the more than 50,000 strays throughout the Caribbean. A shelter on Great Abaco Island was started on an old city dump site donated by the local government. This short film highlights Abaco Shelter, its founder, and the volunteers who have dramatically reduced the number of strays on the island. 

Abaco Shelter is 100% volunteer run. It's amazing. They need our help. The dogs need our help. Thanks for watching and please check out AbacoShelter.org to see which dog has chosen you!
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