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*Filmed on the Samsung Gear 360*
Title: Portugal - Feel it still
Trumpet: Yamaha Xeno
Performed by: Martijn Brattinga
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@VeeR's Watch 6 people, 6 videos haha!
I really like your special band, and I almost jumped up with your music.
Sam Nasterb3 wks ago
The way u showed ur talents is so interesting and excellent, what a genius!
Go360inc3 wks ago
Cool one more from Portugal nice Que video tão bacano bom trabalho continua. Venham mais assim heheeh cumprimentos
Very nice! What are you using to edit your videos? Consider helping the audience by panning the sphere to show your clones. This would also be an awesome use of spatial audio, if you have access to a Zoom H2N mic or spatial audio capable camera like a Theta V
M Majed Wisal3 wks ago
Eren Ersoy3 wks ago
I agree with you. One person As long as he's talented, he can always replace a lot of people.
You are such a genius to make a band by your own
A man is a band
You have told me what a talented person is.