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Underwater Geek7 mons ago
You dont actually feel the water pressure around you, this because we are mostly made up of water, the only are where you feel any pressure effect is in the ears, this is easily solved by equalising, which involves pinching your nose and blowing gently. I am a UK based scuba diving instructor, if my 360 videos encourage someone to take step and learn to dive, its worth uploading it I'm taking the camera to Egypt next month and intend to 360 video the wrecks in the gulf of Suez.
Okey Swaniawski7 mons ago
Do you feel the pressure of water and feel any discomfort while diving
Abe Sauer7 mons ago
How does diving feel? Do you feel like a fish surrounded by water?
Matteo Keeling7 mons ago
You did something i am dreaming about for a long time. Good for you 👏👏👏👏