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The mesa is a horrible place to live in, yet these inhabitants found a cosy spot in the midst of hell to call home. Pack your sunscreen, its getting heated!

▼ What is PokéFind? ▼
The PokéFind Minecraft server, created by Danny from MCFinest and a team of friends, is similar to the popular game Pokémon Go, but with a twist. You can battle and level up your Pokémon! Collect Pokéstops and claim gyms for your team!

▼Join the server! [Vanilla MC 1.10+]▼
IP Address:

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▼ Other Info ▼
Map built by Everbloom Studios

Rendered with the ReplayMod

Visual changes made to Minecraft
PokéFind Official Resourcepack

Edited in Premier Pro

Graphics made in Photoshop

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

Background sound from Noisli

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touchportal2 mons ago
@luiis feliipe It isn't my creation, and I'm sure the builders used third party programs to help make it.
luiis feliipe3 mons ago
This is magnificent !!!!! Did you build it brick by brick ?