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Today [25/7/2017] marks the official release of the PokéWars gamemode on the PokéFind server. Its finally out of beta! Play solo, with a buddy or in group of four on various maps. Its a game that will make or break relationships.

▼ What is PokéWars? ▼
The PokéWars gamemode can be found on the PokéFind Network. The goal is to protect your Pokéball core while trying to destroy others. Pokéballs spawn at set generators around the map, which will help you in your goal to eliminate the other teams.

▼Join the server! [Vanilla MC 1.10+]▼
IP Address:

▼ Support the minecraft server! ▼

▼ Other PokéFind Links! ▼

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▼ Other Info ▼
Map built by Everbloom Studios

Rendered with the ReplayMod

Visual changes made to Minecraft
PokéWars Official Resourcepack

Edited in Premier Pro

Graphics made in Photoshop

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

Background sound from Noisli

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Julieta Flocco4 mons ago
There are specific explanations. It was so thoughtful.
touchportal4 mons ago
@Ninka PELIKANOVA It is awesome! :)
This game is so cute. It must be fun to play.
touchportal4 mons ago
@Yan Li Its a plugin, so you can come on the PokéFind minecraft server to play it.
Yan Li4 mons ago