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The new hub world on the PokéFind Network!

▼ What is PokéFind? ▼
The PokéFind Network, created by Danny from MCFinest and a team of friends, is similar to the popular game Pokémon Go, but with a twist. You can battle and level up your Pokémon! Collect Pokéstops and claim gyms for your team!

The network also has a whole bunch of alternative gamemodes like PokéWars, PokéBlock and PokéMurder.

▼Join the server! [Vanilla MC 1.10+]▼
IP Address:

▼ Support the minecraft server! ▼

▼ Other PokéFind Links! ▼

▼ My Links ▼

▼ Other Info ▼
Map built by Everbloom Studios

Rendered with the ReplayMod

Visual changes made to Minecraft
PokéFind Official Resourcepack

Edited in Premier Pro

Graphics made in Photoshop

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

Background sound from Noisli

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touchportal2 mons ago
@Zara Marie It isn't my creation, but I'll pass that message down to those who deserve it. 😊
Zara Marie2 mons ago
OMG You are literally Genius !!!!!! This is great work!!!!
touchportal2 mons ago
@Xx/Pikabaus Music\xX If you have a paid version of Minecraft, just hop on!
Ahhhhh I'm a big fan both for Minecraft and Pokémon ! So this is born for me !! How can I get this game?