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The village isolated from the mainland, made into a new home by adventure seekers willing to rebuild from scratch.

▼ What is PokéFind? ▼
The PokéFind Network, created by Danny from MCFinest and a team of friends, is similar to the popular game Pokémon Go, but with a twist. You can battle and level up your Pokémon! Collect Pokéstops and claim gyms for your team! Play through quests curated by the team and train to be the very best!

The network also has a whole bunch of alternative gamemodes like PokéWars, Poké Skyblock and PokéMurder.

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IP Address:

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▼ Other Info ▼
Map built by Everbloom Studios

Rendered with the ReplayMod

Visual changes made to Minecraft
PokéFind Official Resourcepack

Edited in Premier Pro

Graphics made in Photoshop

Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

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Joe Bla1 wk ago
Sure. I hope you upload more videos like this.
touchportal1 wk ago
@Lorevin 5543 Glad you liked it, follow me to get notified when I upload more! 😉
Lorevin 55431 wk ago
Thanks for sharing the video, I like it very much.
touchportal2 wks ago
@marvin perry At least we know that they were successful in creating a new island town 😁
marvin perry2 wks ago
I wish I could see the real sight , the new home rebuilt by the adventure seekers, that would be inspiring