PND is a 360-degree live action artist's exploration of what our bodies in space feel like. What happens when we change scale and proportion and how do we come into contact with other bodies, both human and animal? Contemporary Virtual Reality production often relies on increasing visual fidelity in order to enhance creation of deep-space 360-degree worlds. This film considers what happens when visual fidelity is foregone in favour of the production of a haptic, tactile visuality that draws attention to the material qualities of the 360-degree visual sphere and the performances that are a part of it. PND advocates for low-fi visual artefacts such as digital noise, over and under exposure, and glitch movement to provide a productive way to create new, embodied, relationships between performer and viewer in VR’s 360-degree space. At its heart is an autobiographical exploration of antenatal experience which is taken as an alienating period where the pregnant body is measured and constrained in ways that seem at odds with the public emphasis on both the “naturalness” of the event and “pregnancy glam.” However, it is not a documentary of how pregnancy should be perceived but rather a phenomenological inquiry into this experience that will resonate with some viewers and open up different perspectives in others.
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