#Travel #2018
# Video360 in Ples.
This city never ceases to amaze with its special beauty, and at all times of the year.
Now there is a unique opportunity to fully experience the beauty of Plyos with the help of new 360-degree video technologies.
The feeling of being present in an event is close to the present.
Now millions of people who for various reasons do not have the opportunity to come here will be able to plunge into the full space of this town.

- If you like the video of such a plan. And you express in the majority, the desire to see all the seasons of this town, then we will think about how and when to realize this opportunity.
In the meantime, for you autumn 2018, the city of Ples

Link to the Plesa page description, 3D tour, photos: https://3divanovo.ru/Ples

links that promised in the movie:

1. Resurrection Church in the central square - https: //3divanovo.ru/Voskresenskaja_c ...

2. Resurrection Church (it) In the winter - https: //3divanovo.ru/panorams/places / ...

3. Exhibition at the Levitan Cultural Center "Horsepower" - https: //3divanovo.ru/Itogovaja_vystav ...

4. Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Ples - https: //3divanovo.ru/hram_voskreseniy ...

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