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Usually after drum class we put on different types of music id find grooves that we can use to compliment what is going on in the song. This class we took the song "The Improv" by Dj Quads to play along to as I demonstrated how a simple groove can add so much more emotion to the song.

You can find more music by DJ Quads here - https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
Patrik Arih11 mons ago
This music class is very nice by the way,i used this video editor named veer-editor.
Melike Sahin11 mons ago
@LANA MITROVIC https://veer.tv/veer-editor Is this app the one you recommended ? Looks great
LANA MITROVIC11 mons ago
The cover of this vid is really eye-catching.... The vid could be better if you use Veer editor to change the default orientation.