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"Playa Parguito" (Parguito Beach) it is situated in the Northeast end of "Isla de Margarita". The beach is approximately 1000 m long and about 20 m wide. The waters tend to be more oceanic at Playa Parguito which has made it a perfect place for surfing.

Playa Parguito offer as many restaurants and other conveniences like "Playa El Agua" and it is well liked by people that seek more privacy among the Isla Margarita beaches.

Between April and October, the exclusive use of the day is established, since at night it is the preferred coastal zone for the spawning of the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), which is why it belongs to a natural protection zone for species preservation.

Playa Parguito, Isla de Margarita. Venezuela. 04/10/2017

360 PHOTO: https://kuula.co/post/7lFhK

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: We would like to thank to our friends of "La Divina Comedia Restaurant & Lounge" for your excellent attention and unsurpassable seafood gastronomy. 100% recommended!


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