That morning we went to the Barcelona beach to see the sunrise, not the optimal conditions showed up referring to the weather. Nonetheless we encountered a couple of interesting species showing up for the event. There are these groups of students nurturing the tradition creating musical gatherings called: "Tuna".
As well as the species that ends up in our meals, this kind of social behavior is up to you, if you like it or not. They join you in a bar or any other opportunity you give them, like your wedding (if you pay). The have mostly a limeted amountof songs they try to play. Just have in mind, that most of these musicians are anything else but musicians. They all play and sing, even if they never learned to play the instrument they are holding in their hands, but they do their "best" to get drunk as fast as possible, maybe as well as trying to get laid (won't happen with their weired costumes...). Once you had the experience you might never forget it.
The little group we met this very morning was already over the top after a long night. The where on their way home. Politely asked, they offered a last performance for our Gear 360 experiment and played their number one hit. Recorded on the Gear 360 internal sound device, enjoy the show!
Alice Yang2 yrs ago
hey,that's me,I think you're great,give you a lot of likes as possible
love it, well done
it seems that both of you are kind
Hans2 yrs ago
thank you very much, that was a lucky funny morning activity
Crystal.J2 yrs ago
What a nice scene!