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Indocement invited me to the high of their preheater tower
Daniela Tocan9 mons ago
Hi thanks. Some idea for comunity building. i just send some greetings audiofile to @Zimha 360 fast recordet with smartphonen in my romanian language. see we talk in a lot of different languages. in my latest video he give the official adress. so maybe we can sample short wellcome messages and make with the audios some clip. zimha360@gmail.com with smartphone its fast done special include in greetings a very bad word in the audio. for example damned is a very soft bad word.... i did use more bad. if you go we have 3 languages to make something together.
Hendra Gunawan9 mons ago
@Daniela Tocan oh I talk about the high of this building and welcoming other friends
Daniela Tocan10 mons ago
can you tell in comment what you talk about?