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Udo Tirolf1 wk ago
I had a tripod for the camera, but for the phantom 4 it give a holder at the market.
Charles1 wk ago
I got a mail to review yours content. How you make the 360 with the drone. Is it possible to show the mount bracket?
Udo Tirolf2 wks ago
@lw Buy a drone from DJI, they are the best. i dont become money from dji :-) but i had various drones. A phantom 4 is big and a mavic air is small, what do you want ? Now i would buy a smaller drone
ABC3 wks ago
Your drone is awesome! I have longed for it. I want to take photos and videos with drones, but I don’t know what to buy. I’ll learn from you later.
Udo Tirolf1 mon ago
I had all drones, from Toy to Yuneec and then DJI, and DJI ist the best and i have the Phantom 4. The Phantom 4 pro have the better picture quality if you need this. And when you want fun and pictures then buy a Mavic Air, it is smaller than mine. I need for drone pictures every time my car and a big bag :-)
Pamela Marks1 mon ago
I also want to own a drone, what type of model do you buy?