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The Friendship Games is an annual 3-day multi-sport event that takes place in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and brings together children and youth from Burundi, Rwanda and the D.R. Congo.
In this year's edition, Eleven Campaign teamed up with organisers Peace and Sport to amplify the benefits of the Games in order to safeguard their continuity in a region that really needs it.
Bruno Felipe6 mons ago
I hope all the children can grow up happily.
Vicky Wang6 mons ago
@Alek Tokarev it's great to hear. I wish you all the best and god bless the children :)
Alek Tokarev6 mons ago
@Vicky Wang there will be more videos from Peace&Sport initiatives in central Africa. This job changed me forever, I just stopped take everything for granted. So much pure-hearted children's joy from really simple things you can get from life.
Vicky Wang7 mons ago
It's a very meaningful production. I hope there are enough decision makers that would watch this in VR headsets and I think it will change and influence the way decisions regarding Africa are made.
Born Original7 mons ago
All of you looks happy and sunshine which reminds of my childhood
Mllngtn Louis7 mons ago
I thought of my childhood, perfect.
Angel Alexander7 mons ago
These children are very thin, but their smiles are so sincere.