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Every summer the Park Open event in Arnhem sees many performances on every sunday afternoon for three full months. It's one of the longest running (25+ years) multiple day (13 sundays) open air events, with amazingly still free entrance for everyone.

This video allows you to experience the closing act of the 2017 Park Open season. View the band and audience from various places on the field and enjoy 4 full songs by the TenTempies band.
@baiq tary Yes, it's true, and that already for over 25 years :D Amazing this can still be in these days where commercial festivals are everywhere. It's in the middle of a beautifull park, that even extends into Holland's biggest nature reserve beyond it's boundaries.
baiq tary1 yr ago
It's free to watch the performances through the three full months, that's so cool! I want to be there too, lol