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Another 360 video showing before and after a renovation project. The before on this one was actually taken well after construction had started, so it shows the property after all the old finishes had been torn out.  As with my other before and after video, this was created from 3D models of the interior of the home using a Matterport camera. The Matterport camera take still panoramas at the same time as it creates a 3D depth map, allowing it to create a photorealistic 3D model of the space when all the panoramas and depth maps are combined.  Because the 3D model has some visible flaws, I've added in still panoramas at the points when the virtual camera pauses. 
Autumn Sands1 yr ago
Craig Sauer1 yr ago
@QG3D Matterport technology (camera + software) are usually used to create walkthrough tours, like this: http://craigsauer3d.com/3d-model/1588-s-cerritos-drive/ But as a byproduct of that, it also creates a 3D model of the space. I'm using those 3D models to create these 360 videos using 3D software.
QG3D1 yr ago
interesting. How is done ?