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Feature film by the Leningrad film studio LenVR in 2017. The first Russian VR horror lasting 13 minutes about life after death. Experimental format.

Director, producer, author of the idea - Maxim Nikonov
The second director is Herald Herald
Co-authors of the script - Maxim Nikonov, Herald Vestnik, Dina Fursova
Operator - Ivan Kotelnikov
Sound engineer - Mikhail Tsafsman
Makeup - Irina Pichukan

Alesya Gaevskaya - daughter
Denis Shvets - vindictive spirit
Maria Rumyantseva - laboratory assistant
Fedor Selnikov - subject
Yuri Utkin - scientist

Film was first shown to the public at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival as part of the RUSSIAN VR SEASONS program.
LenVR studio1 mon ago
@Yanfei Wang Thank you! ) we tried to make you like)
Yanfei Wang1 mon ago
Woah!! One of the best horror movies i have seen! I am left breathless the whole time! Thrilling! Awesome job!!