Welcome to the best seat in the house to see Crescent Lake School's One Wheel Wonders!  These highly proficient peddler's have been seen in recent years performing at half-time shows, the Wolfeboro parades, and even on WMUR!  Click this link if you would like to see them on NH Chronicle: 


This video is a 360 video, so please take a look around!  It's best when viewed through the YouTube app on a mobile device, but it will work on most browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, but not Safari...).  From a desktop browser you can click and drag the view in any direction, and from the YouTube app on mobile you can just move the device to look around (be careful not to get too dizzy...).  And make sure to look up at the ceiling, and down at the floor!  There's a whole lot going on!
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