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Although I was largely concerned with recovering vehicles from the 'Runway Dash' down the Top Gear Straight at the annual Dunsfold Wings and Wheels, I managed to find time to get the 360 camera on  the Napier-Railton at Dunsfold Wings and Wheels. DONT just look back at the driver, or along the bonnet! Catch things like the parked warbirds and vintage  / classic cars passed, especially on the return to pits run. You can see what the driver Andrew Lewis saw as he completed 2 laps of the runway including parts of the Top Gear circuit.
Andy Lambert2 mons ago
@Rosie Satterfield it is not mine Rosie it belongs to Brooklands Museum. I could not even afford the fuel for its 27 liter engine!
thanks for letting us see those classic cars,😘😘BTWyour vehicle is great!