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World's first completely versatile wearable VR action camera with an automatic horizon correction.  You really have to try it :)

Find out more about OmiCam VR Action Cam here:  www.omicam.com

Product details: 
** Unique “Horizon” calibration for wearable action camera.  OMICAM automatically adjusts the horizon whether the camera is right side up, upside down or sideways. **
** Up to 15 hours of recording with “Lifelong™” for extended outdoor activities.  The only product in the market that addresses the need for capturing the moments of all extended activities. ** 
** 240 degree wide angle offers “first person view” like no other camera in its category.  The view angle has been optimized  for true seamless wearable applications.  You really have to try it out!
OMICAM is splash proof rated IP45 to endure most outdoor activity without the need of waterproof housing or any other case or accessories.  We offer a complete accessory pack which includes a waterproof housing to capture stunning underwater activities. ** 
** We designed the product to fit with GoPro mounting accessories for a wide range of existing and future mounting needs. **
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