As one of Europe’s largest storage and transhipment companies, OBA specialises in the product groups coal, minerals, biomass and agribulk (agribulk includes grains, oilseeds and raw materials used in the production of livestock feeds).

- Ships with a depth up to 13.75 metres are unloaded on the quay
- However, if the ship has a larger depth, part of the load is transferred onto another ship from the body of -
 water at the IJmuiden sea lock (a process known as lighterage).
- The length of the conveyor belt system from OBA to the power plant is 7km
- Around 3 million tonnes of coal are stored on the 650,000-square-metre site 
- In order to prevent dust particles from being released into the air, the coal is covered with paper pulp, which gives the coal heaps a white appearance.
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