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New York City's best kept secret is inside a brownstone on Gramercy Park. The Players is a club for professionals and patrons of the performing arts started by the most famous actor of the late-1800s Edwin Booth​. The beauty of this city landmark is that it's filled with stories that are tragic, joyful, and everything in between. 

Many people don't get access to this club that is almost like a museum of performing arts history, but thanks to the kind board members at The Players who believe in our mission to bring wonder to people across the world, we are able to take you inside. We hope you enjoy!

🤗 What's one place you've been to that most people don't normally get access to?

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Adasialdo10 mons ago
Thank u , I really enjoy this place and I also want to know more stories about famous people here.
Aguss FX11 mons ago
I like the painting that hangs on the wall
Srdjan Terzic11 mons ago
I saw the huge Christmas tree next to me
There are a lot of celebrities on the wall
Kaizer Deku11 mons ago
The environment is very good and suitable for reading
This is a good environment for reading.