Canadian band, No Fly LIst, performing 'Stained Glass' off the album 'Both Sides'.


you don't come to court no more
i don't see you at the park
we used to laugh about my right hook
but now we barely talk

crack crack they’re knocking at your door
it's no surprise
but you keep it all on the inside
and you pay the hidden price

i see you made it but the higher you climb
the more you're just a threat
carving up every minute of your time
there's so much to second guess

crack crack you’re feeling so sore
blame it on success
another scratch in your appearance
another blemish on the lens

the latest fix will hurt you even more
love is an expense
taught to track your every weakness
they try to see inside your head

you got me
you got me
you got me
you got me

we’re bound by the same chains
but they’ve got you on the floor
the way you look at me
when i say you’re beautiful

wrapped up in how the package looks
there's no true form
we got to free our imaginations
gotta find out what went wrong

it's hard to separate what you feel from
what you're taught

you got me
you got me
you got me
you got me

you got me

you got your own show now
you got your own show now