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You want to experience logistics planning not just on paper, but live in action? Dive into an innovative and immersive experience of logistic processes. We show you the next level of logistics planning and material flow visualization, exclusively in the HOLODECK of the Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

The world's first virtual reality CAVE system (HOLODECK) for logistics with a unique 5-sided CAVE with active stereo projection (wall and table projection) provides an immersive experience. Up to 12 visitors are able to enjoy 3-dimensional simulation, emulation and visualization of logistic processes - without the utilization of virtual reality glasses. The unique dive-in experience through technology allows a better understanding of logistic processes. 
Lazaro Leffler9 mons ago
@Kellie Brown hahahah hahhahah, you barely know this video, but you still watch this ,sooo cute.
Kellie Brown9 mons ago
hhhhhhhh. Good video but I almost dont understand this.馃槀
Robyn Franecki9 mons ago
This is a coincidence, my major is logistics management, thank you very much for this video, let me have more understanding of my major.