Back-story of THE V-NUS PROJECT

This is the story is of a young college student and science prodigy named V-nus Williams, whose work with the TOP SECRET Project: The “Addam009-AIC” (Artificial Intelligence Cyber-genetics) Project, takes her on a most interesting journey. 

This subdued and timid young lady was asked to join a top secret research team of five, charged with studying artificial intelligence/cyber genetics, funded by the a top robotics technology company, the Cyber Genetics Artificial Intelligence Corporation. Now in her senior year at a prominent University, V-nus WIlliams, and the team that she leads are determined to create an artificially intelligent cyber genetic life form. However, as V-nus and her team get closer to a breakthrough, she becomes more distant, and more isolated, even from the team. Even her closest friends and family rarely see her. For the first time in V-nus' life, this once shy and passive girl is starting to see her own beauty, and even more so... feel a strong yearning for companionship. 

Thus, she pulls away from the project and starts searching for that special someone. She tries the dating scene only to find one disappointment after another. Then late one night, as V-nus and her team gets closer to a breakthrough in creating a human-like cyber genetic life form, she gets an epiphany! While the Cyber Genetics Artificial Intelligence Corporation is "Paying the Price"... She can CREATE her perfect mate! 

With that thought, V-nus begins her relentless and tireless quest to create "Addam", her soul mate... her perfect companion. This is the Saga of Venus Johnson, as she spares nothing to gather the technology, money, and resources to fulfill her secret obsession. As she strives to kept her ambition hidden from the public, AND the “Corporation“, Venus knows this is sure to be the beginning of the end, if anyone found about... The V-nus Project!!!

Special Thanks to all that maid this Trailer possible!!!

Scotty Whitehurst:  Scotty (Science Team-member)
Kimberly Wolfson:  Jenna  (Science Team-member)
Akemi Stout :         V-Nus   (Science Team-leader/Main Character)

Voice-over Director :  Kai  Yvette Williams Reel-Walk Cinema
Music/Sound Recording Director: Donovan E. Scott
Creator/Director/Executive Producer: Anthony Thomas
Art Director:  Tony Davenport
(Special Mention: Rod Beecham - early draft animator)