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The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world, more than 5 million people visit the rim at Grand Canyon National Park every year, but very few will ever see it from the Colorado River. Access to the Grand Canyon via river is strictly regimented, to protect fragile ecosystems and to preserve Native American heritage at a place they consider sacred.

For years, the Grand Canyon has been steeped in controversial land development proposals that could change this landmark forever. Developments like the Grand Canyon Escalade would bring as many as 10,000 tourists per day to the shore of the river on a gondola, restrictions on uranium mining may be lifted, public land is losing federal protection, and housing developments put strain on an already lacking supply of water and natural resources. 

Our documentary will take you on an incredible journey, in VR, to the sacred sites in the heart of the wilderness that would be impacted by these developments. It is our hope that you'll be convinced that the Grand Canyon is worth preserving and protecting, as it is.

Full documentary coming in early 2018!
桀骜zx5011 mons ago
Noel Glover11 mons ago
God, it is so... I even don't know how to express myself. But we do need to protect it.
I've been to it once
Chauncey King11 mons ago
Wow, I want to go. VR looks good.
Damian Johnson V11 mons ago
Oh my God, this place is unbelievably amazing. See the sky, the mountains and the river. Everything is perfect.
Rayna1 yr ago
哇,好想去,VR 看着好爽(✪▽✪)
360 Labs1 yr ago
@Krisly Fernandez it's the Colorado River down in the bottom of the canyon.
Is it the ocean below the canyon
The commentary is excellent !!! Like it is from the Discovery channel.