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Created by Groove Jones - https://www.groovejones.com. State of Nevada Tourism hired us for a massive statewide show - seven days, 20 person crew, covering 750 miles. The theme of  Nevada’s “Don’t Fence Me In” attitude gave people in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas the opportunity to experience a 360-degree virtual road trip throughout Nevada. The experience follows a group of young adventurers as they climb, kayak and drive across, around and through the state’s epic landscapes. Groove Jones worked with the agency Fahlgren Mortine on the commercial video production and Evolve Concepts on the mobile tour. Case Study - https://www.groovejones.com/travelnevada-com-launches-360-degree-video-dont-fence-tour/
Wilbert Beahan11 mons ago
Go for Nevada, go for Las Vegas.
Daniela Rubio11 mons ago
so so so cool! i can't wait to visit Nevada now!
Murat Sağlam11 mons ago
The real western America is really cool !! See those local ppl ?
Peter Hagstrøm11 mons ago
02:06, Am I the only one who noticed two real cowboy sheriff ??? SO DAMN COOL
Emma Webb11 mons ago
Nevada is really a unique place featuring a total tough style
Wish I can live in a place enable constantly kayaking too......
Nevada is always my first choice in every car race game lol
VeeR's Watch11 mons ago
It's a shame when I travelled to Nevada I didn't get to go off-roading in the desert. I didn't know there's desert.