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This is the second and last qualification test of the largest solid rocket motor ever built. Two of these suckers will be strapped to the side of the Space Launch System (SLS) which will begin flights in 2018

I need to thank the whole NASA Social team for thinking I'm interesting enough to be invited to this event. I was absolutely blown away at the experience and the opportunity. Thanks!

DISCLAIMER: I was running five OTHER cameras and this camera was last to be set up. I screwed in onto a mono-pod, leaned it against the concrete barrier and hoped for the best. That's why the video has that strange lean to it. I might fix it later.
Scott Nebeker8 mons ago
@Cassie Hermiston Absolutely. One of my cameras was shaking so badly that I can't recover the footage. :D
the rocket looks slow but it is very powerful
Scott Nebeker9 mons ago
@我都懒的喷 The ACTUAL viewing area is about 10-15 miles away. Those solid rocket boosters will take humans beyond Earth orbit. Test flights of SLS will begin next year.
我都懒的喷9 mons ago
People can see this from a distant. Great: )
李臣华9 mons ago
Look at that smoke it makes.
黑山毛毛虫9 mons ago
That is how it works. Awesome!
Glad it succeed👏👏
桐雨9 mons ago
Cool experience you have!!