360º video produced in the "Immersive Storytelling and Digital Citizenship" one day hackathon @ Creative Colab 2017

Project description:

Immersive media experiences are defined by the feeling of "being there". Therefore, these innovative experiences encompass a huge potential as means to trigger awareness about critical problems in the world. In this sense, immersive media can truly act as an empathy machine, portraying key social and cultural issues in a way that it becomes tools for changing people's mindsets, by leading them to familiarize with selected cultural characteristics, history, values, belief systems, and behaviors of members of other groups.

The main goal of this one day hackathon is to gather a group of people with interdisciplinary skills, that combined may generate fresh insights and a quick turn-around project about immersive storytelling in relation to digital citizenship. Sharing ideas, challenges and solutions, ranging from content creation to content consumption, the participants - guided by digital journalist Thomas Seymat (Euronews) and inspired by Alexandre Gomes’s insights on the main struggles and challenges rede ex aequo and Portuguese LGBTI youth face today - will explore the quickly changing landscape of this new storytelling paradigm by creating a short 360°, immersive story.
Why is it black and white
duy vong ngo1 yr ago
The dark screen makes me a little scary. 😂
fun world1 yr ago
hahaha, see. People began to guess what u want to express. And I think it may be because of language.
뱅이아미1 yr ago
@Clémentine JOUY I don't think so. See the grey keynote, it maybe a sad vid.
Black-and-white video is also good .
jere puma1 yr ago
@Lucas Oliveira Hahaha, maybe it is a love story about a man and bathroom. 😂😂
Is this a camera
I can't understand what are u talking. But I think it maybe a deep story about the man and bathroom. 😂😂
Black and white video
Is this a funny video?