This are some of the people that support me in Veer. They send greetings to all the world and VeeRians in myveelog. Great people, that share the view things they have and help as much they can. Bianca very often organize my likes in Veer local. Me and my husband did visit her and hers husband and family. Hers husband is from Syria and long time in Romania.

Its organised that way that she have an old laptop and when gets a mail local the neighbours come together and log one after the other in with their VeeR accounts. Look the new content and give a like. They also like at same time suggested content.

In the video we send messages in different languages. Special in Arab language from hers husband to all refugees from Syria to give them hope for a reasonable live in future.
Cloyd McGlynn II10 mons ago
You are really nice people. Everyone in the world should be treated with kindness. Hope that they will always hope for life.
Ned Blanda11 mons ago
there is nothing better than spending time with friends XX
Daniela Tocan11 mons ago
It was not a bug it is a feature that i report in myveelog from this side of romania. I am a bit frustrate that myveelog is not mentioned somewhere. It was easy to make photos and a video from the 7 Ferraries that did park close to this place. I decide for the happy poor people that live there.
Elenora Gislason11 mons ago
There are many poor places and countries in the world. We should do what we can to help them out of poverty.