Beautiful Macau 360
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Graceful plumes of water dance a romantic ballet or soar into the sky with power and precision: As the signature attraction at Wynn Palace, the Performance Lake has been designed to evoke a variety of emotions, from a pure appreciation of its elegance and beauty to a wide-eyed sense of awe and wonder. Enhanced by a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, this thrilling aquatic spectacle has become the centerpiece not only of Wynn Palace, but also of Macau itself. 
Zachariah Steuber
My heart will go on is perfect to fit any romantic scene.
Meagan Shanahan I
Love your post ! The view is so nice.
Damien Kuvalis
Damien Kuvalis2 mons ago
Wow the plumes of water really dance so breath-taking beautiful.