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In the International Highline Festival in Antalya, in a cloudy weather, while walking on a group of young on ropes, a group of young people also make music and make happy everyone. We are watching this beautiful scene very closely.

This is a VR Video. For full experience, watch it with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus or other VR tools. Also 360° audio technology is used in this video. We recommend you watch with headphones.

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Rod Boehm8 mons ago
This music is like the soundtrack to the classic country movie, and I can't help but listen to it several times.
Willa Herman8 mons ago
It should be high music in high place. I love this music sooooo much.
Maximilian Kris8 mons ago
Like the place where you sing, sing the beautiful song to the mountain.
Linnie Herzog8 mons ago
His magical voice made the landscape more beautiful and happier.