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Tutting is a great way for kids to get interested in dancing, work with their arms, and play a game - like legos. Also great for understanding 3D space. yes, tutting helps me a lot with my body and working in space creatively, so it can be great to think different for Vr purposes. 

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@Raleigh Macejkovic lots of gym hours. lol! thanks!
@Alex Frami thanks! I hope we can use the concept for more learning tools to come
@Reva Kris repetition makes anyone who wants to work on it great. been teaching for 30 years. mind blowing whats possible
@Quinn Stiedemann so kind. thanks much!
@Reva Kris It is still not late for u to learn dance, I mean easy dance. 😂
The creator has a lot of muscles.
Alex Frami1 yr ago
Really effective way to show moves from every angle