It works! I used the Adobe Prem Pro Ambisonics tools to direct and manipulate the sound to match the view orientation. The recording begins while I'm live streaming from my phone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1kPDxu1MR4) and making commentary about how I have set things up.  
Apologies for the wind at the beginning. It dies down shortly after the beginning. 
You'll hear runners puffing just out of view, a car radio and two German tourists who discuss which direction Berlin is. 
Please comment but be kind. This is my first attempt :)
Matthew VanG1 yr ago
Blue sky green grass/
The beautiful scenery outside
@贾尓斯不大杨, I was live streaming from my Insta360 One. I was talking about what I had set up. This is the link to the live stream - https://youtu.be/c1kPDxu1MR4. The video uploaded to Veer is the view from the Theta V and spatial audio recording.
Are you using insta 360 and your phone as the monitor? That is a quite smart idea:)
I don't think I got the panning of the sound quite right. All the sounds were in the opposite ear to the source of the sound. I'll fix it up and compare. But on the positive side, I can definitely hear the sound coming from different directions in the video. Not bad for a first attempt.