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This is a 360 video for virtual reality. Use your mouse/fingers to move around or move your phone/VR-headset in the video and try keep up with Boxer Rex and Tuva as they play in the garden. Make sure you watch in highest 4K quality. The movie is cut - whit blink indicates a cut. Does it make you feel as you where there?

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Boxer Rex is a Swedish male boxer born 14th of August 2015 and lives outside of Landskrona in the south of Sweden. He´s loving, fun, crazy, energetic, faithful and a typical high energy boxer. It´s never a dull moment when you are with Rex. He comes from the Relative´s Kennel breeder in Kågeröd in Sweden and his breeder name is Relative´s Michelangelo - but we call him Rex witch means KING in Latin. Subscribe to see him grow.

Take care! Voff! 😁 /Rex
Boxer Rex7 mons ago
@Chanel Rolfson Thank you
Chanel Rolfson7 mons ago
i can watch this all day long, it's like they will never be tired
Boxer Rex8 mons ago
@Ezekiel Rath No, they are not fighting. This is how boxer dogs play. They are having much fun together.
Boxer Rex8 mons ago
@Dewitt Block DDS They are playing and it's typical boxer 110% energy.
They are chasing each other all the time and seem not tired at all.
Ezekiel Rath9 mons ago
they are fighting?!sometimes they move too fast i can't even catch them