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Welcome to XploreVR.

Our tour guide Alex will take you on a tour to explore the most haunted village in Britain, Pluckley. A small village of around 1000 people just outside of Ashford in Kent.

Attractions visited in this video include:

St Mary's Ruins
Bombed by the Germans

Black Horse
Haunted by Elizabeth

St Nicholas Church
Haunted by The White Lady and The Red Lady

Screaming Woods
Haunted by Lost People

Fright Corner
Haunted by The Highwayman

Pinnocks Bridge
Haunted by the Old Gypsie Lady

Dering Arms
Haunted by the Victorian Lady


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XploreVR1 yr ago
@MANAN KASHYAP All the places in the video except The Secret Room in the Black Horse are open to public. You will need permission to enter The Secret Room.
can you go into the haunted house? i am so curious
RED LITE1 yr ago
i don't have the dare to visit haunted house, gives me nightmare
Rayane Taleb1 yr ago
i am so sacred, i need a boyfriend to cover my eyes.
fun! I want to do one of those haunted night things if you want to team up :D
samsar1 yr ago
the film crew did make it back, not that haunted afterall lol