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Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" (MIBC "Moscow City") - a business district under construction in Moscow on the Presnenskaya Embankment. Currently, it is administratively part of the Presnensky district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

Business center

MIBC "Moscow City"

 RussiaGorodMoscowLocationNeshnevskaya embankmentArchitectural styleModernismAuthor of the projectB. I.Thor and others.
Moscow City State Unitary Enterprise "Center City" The first mentioning1991Construction 1995 - 2019 [1] The status will be constructionSiteOfficial site

Within the framework of the Moscow-City MIBC, a business activity zone is created that will unite business, apartment accommodation and leisure. The management company for the creation and development of the whole MIBC Moscow City project is City, and the City Center is the technical customer and representative of the city of Moscow at the disposal of the state property of the Central core of the Moscow-City MIBC Center.

The construction of the Moscow-City MIBC is conducted on the Presnenskaya Embankment, on the site of a former quarry, on a total area of ​​about 100 hectares, 60 hectares of which are subject to new construction. In 2014, the volume of investment in MIBC was about $ 12 billion [2]. Twenty of the twenty-three planned facilities have already been built on the territory of the Moscow-City MIBC for 2016. Another seven buildings are in construction and four - in the design stage. [3]

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It will be even more beautiful at night, as these buildings will turn on the lights.
Few people
This is a beauty that is different from nature. The tallness and style of architecture give us a sense of awe.
Maude Will1 yr ago
Wowwww, a really rich place. Do u work there?
Is this CBD?
Hallie Boyle1 yr ago
A very upscale place
Is that your wife next to that
Is this the capital of Russia