Made for a New Media Immersive Installation, created in the Pilsen art district (Every second Friday's Art walk exhibitions). 
This was based on Doc Pearson's (Lucas Pearson's) interactive Monolith Sculpture, who is a Chicago based Interactive Sound Designer & Painter. The theme of the dark virtual reality was as if you were to be immersed inside of the 4x4x8 ft. tall art sculpture itself. We had a haptic pack linked to a midi controller so that way the all sensory perceptions were to be stimulated and manipulated through vibrations when guests would trigger the sliced up midi clips. 
A Burning Man DJ set by Doc Pearson was playing through headphones matching the visuals and vibrations giving an original, yet intimate and exclusive experience. 
Content Creation and all VR was done by Hope Taylor (digitaldistortion.productions). She is a New Media Designer based in Chicago, whose focus is on 2d/3d animation, editing, projection mapping, as well as all facets of production. Enjoy a culmination of art, beauty, and complete modern immersion.
Hope Taylor1 yr ago
@Carmen Lee lol yeah! ha I actually was in a rush to put it up someone from the blog told me they were going to do a feature on it so I was rushing, Im actually a musician as well, thanks for the tip Ill put one of my tracks up there with it. check out in a week or so Im doing a crazy interactive project using unity next time then scaling it down for a VR web version. Ill be revamping Microsofts "Room alive" project but incorporating holograms ;) I made all those animations custom as well..
Carmen Lee1 yr ago
It is so silent! Cool patterns though