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Although I love creating sets it is an expensive commitment. The majority of my shots are taken with natural lighting in settings that are spontaneously found. In this video we decided to walk the BeltLine in Atlanta, GA. This was decided based on the model's overall look for the day. Every shoot should include a bit of adventure in my mind. I like when the people I create with go home feeling like they have been on an adventure.

    The BeltLine contains artwork and installations from numerous creative minds. The minute we saw this exhibit it was an immediate YES!
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    Remi Lekun is a model and singer located in the metro Atl area. Her upcoming single entitled “Growing Tree” seems to fit perfectly with installation. To see the images we took that day go to the link listed below ;)

   Dorothy O’Connor and Craig Appel are the creators behind this exhibit. “The Little Forest”  

Model: Remi Lekun
IG = @remiiilekun

Gee - Electroswing Revival

Of course, thanks for watching!
Stephanie Marlo 
Our Atlanta - Artist.Life.Vision Photography