Musik in Tüten = Music in bags, is a continuation of the first concert given in THE formerly KLING KLANG Studio used by KRAFTWERK. 
The Second was held up in the little church of Pulheim with the legendary Hans-Joachim Roedelius ...
The complete setup:
Mischa Kuball: Master of Sound and jazzy Input
HJ Roedelius: Looping atmospheres
Axel Manrico Heilhecker: Gently Sweeping Guitar
Thomas Klein: Slave to the Rhythm
Martha Christine Roedelius: Her Master's voice – lyrics by Rosa Roedelius
This 3 minutes are a test of the whole duration of 70 min of a concert which conquered several spheres...
For me it was a pleasure to meet the protagnists of Electronic Music after my experience of KLING KLANG...
Ricoh Theta S, Nikon Keymission 360, Leica D-Lux
© 2017 video VRapp, music MKuball
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