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An hourglass is a device that has been used since antiquity, and is still being used in our everyday lives, its shape barely changing over thousands of years. With the advent of digital clocks, the hourglass has transitioned from serving a functional role to convey more of a sentimental value, symbolizing the idea of time. 

By examining this simple mechanism of sand falling through a constricted passage due to ravity, and altering the speed and the angle, one can actually change the perception of the flow of time. In other words, the concept of this collection could be said to be “designing time itself”.
The four different hourglasses were carved out from a volume of transparent acrylic. 
The interior cavities to accumulate the sand have been polished by hand with fine metal needles tipped with abrasives. 
This production method gives the shapes an almost natural, organic appearance, resembling clouds and puddles, conveying the feeling that time is moving even more freely than it was before.
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