Microstocksolutions LLC is a pioneer in 360°/ VR video time-based metadata solutions.  We also know post-production, and are a one-stop shop for every aspect from SD - 360° - 4K and beyond.  
We are proud to serve a who's who in licensed stock media and the Fortune 500.
You and your team are passionate about the content that you helped midwife, and care deeply about your clients and their success.
Every minute of 360/ VR content is a moment for celebration, and could have only come to being because creative minds poured hours of sweat and brain cells into its creation.
Unfortunately, without in-video search, that content will sink quicker into the data miasma of your servers than the Titanic hitting a second iceberg.
Traditional methods of applying metadata (those used for still photo or 2D video) are just not going to cut it with a media that remains a black box of sorts.
360/ VR, after all, wasn't invented by the Lumière brothers, it was popularized by 21st century visionaries like Ivan Sutherland, Doug Engelbart and yourself.
360/ VR requires a whole new standard and ways of interpreting metadata, and our service, which leverages the accuracy of longitudinal and latitudinal measurements, combined with a frame by frame precision and rich keywording that get results, future-proofs any asset it touches with guaranteed higher ROI and discoverability.
Great content without accurate metadata is, after all, a missed opportunity.
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