During the Microsoft Ignite Keynote, there was a demonstration showing Hololens being use to overlay  usage and design data over the car. Using Microsoft Teams from Hololens, notes were made and shared with the team to improve the production of the car. When this becomes publicly available, it will revolutionize team work, augmented reality and collaboration made simple. 
Thanks for the tip Maria. I only just diecovered the Veer editor app. I'll check it out for smaller fikes. This video was a large file, so I uploaded it via my laptop.
You may use the Veer editor app to lower the brightness, I cannot see the screen.
Hi Gladis. I would find Augmented Reality more useful than Virtual Reality for work. I still want to see and interact with my surroundings as I work. AR in car windshields would have many applications for navigation and providing local information. When self driven cars are mainstream, we can benefit more from AR in cars because we wont be distracted from driving.
augmented reality seems to me hard to understand, but it does represent the trend for development, and i am looking forward to new high-tech car